SuperDARN Working Groups Information

SuperDARN implements a number of working groups to enhance and aid the international effort of collecting, analyzing and disseminating data over a wide number of countries and academic institutions.

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Data Analysis Working Group (DAWG)

The DAWG website is:

DAWG manages a number of software libraries...

... and welcomes any questions or issues via their Github repositories:

The current DAWG chairs are Emma Bland and Kevin Sterne

You can contact the DAWG on: darn-dawg at

pyDARN is managed by Marina Schmidt of the University of Saskatchewan, any correspondence about pyDARN should be addressed as such.

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Data Distribution Working Group (DDWG)

The DDWG Github page is:

The current DDWG chair is Kevin Krieger

You can contact the DDWG on: darn-ddwg at

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Data Standards Working Group (DSWG)

The DSWG fills some duties of the defunct Operating Software Working Group

The DSWG Github page is:

The current DSWG chair is awaiting nomination

You can contact the DSWG by making an issue via their Github page or emailing darn-dswg at

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Scheduling Working Group (SWG)

The SWG webpage is:

The current SWG chair is Evan Thomas

You can contact the SWG on: darn-swg at

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Spacecraft Working Group (ScWG)

The ScWG webpage is: (UNDER DEVELOPMENT)

The ScWG archived webpage is:

The current ScWG chair is Jennifer Carter