FITACF Available Data Inventory Tool

Below is a view of the quantity of data in a given month for the five SuperDARN Canada radars. Additional radars may be added by selecting and deselecting using the buttons below. The colorbar below the tool is adaptive, so if you view the overview of hours or months the colorbar will scale to the highest value currently shown. Each day can be clicked to give an overview of the size of the 2 hour files. Days with no data may currently be block listed, and are not currently included in this tool. FITACF 2.5 Data from SuperDARN Canada radars can be downloaded using our data downloading tool, see our data information page for more information.

Borealis data is currently being added to this tool. The complete Borealis dataset will be available soon.

The amount of data in a given file can be loosely correlated to the 'activity' of the ionosphere at that time. Hence, files with a large amount of ionospheric backscattered data indicate that the ionosphere can be considered 'active'. Please note that ground scatter is still included in the total file size, so the correlation should be taken as an indication, not a definitive measure of activity. In addition, some radars may change operation between 15km and 45km range gates, and as such when the former is used the data files will be larger in size. This tool sifts through a large data set and as such may take a few seconds to load the data points.

Select/Deselect radars using the buttons below, radars already in the tool are in red, long hand names for the radars can be checked here:

Northern Hemisphere:

Southern Hemisphere:

Day of Month