Radar Coverage Tool

Coverage Tool

This coverage tool calculates from your geographic longitude and latitude on Earth, which radars overlook that position and in roughly which range gate (assuming 45km range gates) and beam the position is. You can choose from a list of other known scientific experiment locations or put your own latitude and longitude in.

Where Are You?

Enter a latitude and longitude to calculate the radar coverage at that location. The tool may take up to 10 seconds to display the radars[1].

Alternatively, you can use the coordinate finder tool to fill in the latitude and longitude field of a specific predetermined location or radar, beam and gate, to find any other coincident radars[2]!

Latitude (-90 ,90):
Longitude (-180, 180):

Radar Beam Gate Range (km)[3]

- Your chosen lat/lon position

* Geographic longitude and latitude of the geomagnetic poles are correct as of Jan 2021

[1] This tool searches through beam and gate positions, created by using the field of view method in pyDARN, and calculates which beam and gate the location is in using the ray-casting algorithm.

[2] The coordinate finder calculates the latitude and longitude of the center of the beam and gate specified.

[3] Ground range in kilometers is calculated from the haversine formula for great circle distance.