About pyDARN and pyDARN Online

PyDARN is an open source python library for data visualization of SuperDARN data. The source code can be found on the pyDARN github page, with installation instructions found here. PyDARN currently allows for the production of summary plots, range-time plots and time-series plotting. This functionality will be extended as the library is expanded.

This tool is currently using pyDARN v2.2 DOI

PyDARN Online gives you the ability to to produce your own pyDARN plots, with limited options, without having to download and install the whole python library. Select the type of plot from the drop down list, and fill in the form to produce your required plot. It may take up to 2 minutes to produce and display a plot with 24 hours of data, for this reason, the largest epoch plottable via pyDARN online is 48 hours. The plots produced on this site are not suitable for publication. Examples of each plot type and a description of the variables presented can be found below. If the radar chosen is managed by SuperDARN Canada, links to download the data files can be found below the plot.

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