SuperDARN Canada Data Products

SuperDARN is a collection of radars funded by national scientific funding agencies of Australia, Canada, China, France, Japan, South Africa, United Kingdom and United States of America. SuperDARN Canada is supported by the Canada Foundation for Innovation, the Canadian Space Agency, and the Province of Saskatchewan.

SuperDARN Canada provides open access to our data products. Specifically, access to real-time data, daily summary plots, and fitacf files. The real-time data display was built using the web framework d3js. SuperDARN .fitacf files were generated using Radar Software Toolkit (RST) and can be processed into maps using the same toolkit. SuperDARN .fitacf files can read and plotted using either GO (using IDL) or DaViT-py (python).

Software Tools

The official SuperDARN community's Radar Software Toolkit package can be found at More resources can also be found on our GitHub Page.