Thursday, 04 August 2016 22:26

Maintenance trip to Rankin Inlet

Following their maintenance trip to Clyde River, the engineers Marci Detwiller and Kevin Krieger traveled directly to Rankin Inlet (layover in Iqaluit) and met up with our third engineer, Keith Kotyk. From July 5th until July 21st they performed maintenance on the ropes, towers, antennas and electronics at Rankin Inlet. Over 4000 feet of rope was replaced.

Some other tasks performed:

  • Upgraded computers to new industrial rated rack mount computers
  • Installed firewall on a new network switch
  • Repaired and reinforced cable tray
  • Fixed several transmitters
  • Installed heater relay board and temperature sensors to monitor and control building temperature
  • UAV flights for aerial photography

In addition, one of the two SuperDARN Canada PIs, Kathryn McWilliams, traveled to Rankin Inlet near the end of the maintenance trip to meet with the Rankin inlet Municipality and gave an update on the SuperDARN project.

See some photos below:

SuperDARNTeam 768x432

The SuperDARN team at the big Inukshuk in Rankin Inlet. Left to Right: Kathryn McWilliams, Marci Detwiller, Kevin Krieger, Keith Kotyk.

rkn wide 768x576

Here is a wide shot of the Rankin Inlet radar from the south. You can see the road leading to the site on the left, the main array at the top and the interferometer at the bottom. The seacan with electronics is red and can be seen in the mid-top of the photo.

rkn main 768x432

Here is a photo showing the main array and the seacan in the left background. The UAV landing zone can be seen on the left in the foreground, it is a piece of plywood. Avoiding landing and taking off from the tundra is necessary.



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Thursday, 04 August 2016 22:18

Maintenance Trip to Clyde River

During the week of June 27th – July 4th, our engineers Marci Detwiller and Kevin Krieger traveled to Clyde River, NU to do some maintenance on the antenna system and radar electronics.

Among the tasks performed:

  • Checking all antennas
  • Fixing the 15km range gate problem with the transmitters
  • Replacing a network switch and configuring it with a firewall
  • Testing all electronics and calibrating transmitters
  • UAV flights for aerial photography
  • Fixing the cable tray

Some of the photos taken are below:

cly wide 768x432

A wide view of the Clyde River SuperDARN radar. Patricia bay is in the far background, with the airport and runway visible between the bay and the radar.

runway patriciabay 768x432

Close up view of Patricia bay, with Clyde River on the right, and the airport runway in the foreground.

cly seacans 768x576

A view of the Clyde River seacans at the end of July 2016. Notice the snow pattern due to the prevailing winds. Main array is on the left side of the picture.

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