Wednesday, 18 January 2017 17:20

ICEBEAR newsletter: October 31st 2016

Devin Huyghebaert, one of the Ph.D students in ISAS, is working on a new E-region radar. Here is the first quarterly newsletter for the ICEBEAR radar! (PDF) ICEBEAR newsletter October 2016
SuperDARN has been awarded the Royal Astronomical Society's 2017 Group Achievement Award in Geophysics. The award recognizes achievement in astronomy, solar-system sciences, or geophysics by a large consortium. SuperDARN has been given the award for its contributions to magnetosphere, ionosphere, and solar-terrestrial studies. To read…
Thursday, 03 November 2016 19:03

Diagnosing A SuperDARN Transmitter

Recently, the SuperDARN Canada engineers discovered that the Clyde River radar was having some trouble running 15km modes. Sometimes SuperDARN scientists like to run special modes with higher range resolution to study smaller scale velocity structures in the plasma. Thankfully, Marci is on the case…
Monday, 22 August 2016 22:36

SuperDARN Group Meeting

This Thursday (August 25th) there will be a SuperDARN meeting from 2:30-3:30 (room TBA). Summer students Kimberlee Dube, David Fairbairn, and Donavon Lavoie will each be giving a 20 minute talk (15 minutes with 5 minutes of questions) about the research they have been working…
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