Friday, 23 June 2017 21:29

Aerial lift training!

On June 22nd SuperDARN Canada engineers Marci Detwiller, Keith Kotyk, and Kevin Krieger along with Devin Huyghebaert - a P.hD student building a new E-Region radar - attended aerial lift platform training at Cervus Equipment in Saskatoon. It was informative and fun, involving a few hours of classroom time with a written test, and then a practical session where the students got to drive one of two boom lifts. The training will be used when building Devin Huyghebaert and Glenn Hussey's new E-Region radar near Prelate, SK, as well as for maintenance on the Bakker farm site and Kernen farm site antennas. Here's a picture of Devin and Keith using an 80ft lift in the rain! 

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