SuperDARN Canada Quick Facts
  • SuperDARN Canada
    SuperDARN Canada at the University of Saskatchewan manages five radar sites in Canada that run 24/7.
    SuperDARN stands for Super Dual Aurora Radar Network.
    SuperDARN Worldwide
    SuperDARN is a global program, with 35 radar sites around the globe, managed by sixteen institutes in ten countries.
  • Latest Publications
    Check out the Publications tab to find links to our latest research!
    Publications by the SuperDARN Canada group in 2016
    Years worth of publications are located under the Publications tab.
  • Real Time Data
    Check out our real time data page to see current radar data from our sites.
    Interested in Using our Data?
    Contact us for more information.
    Summary Plots
    Range-time intensity or RTI plots are available on our Summary Plots page.

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